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The Executive Committee and Secretariat wish to extend New Year Greetings to all Members of the Trinidad & Tobago Rugby Football Union (TTRFU).

2020 was a year that took much from us, including our ability to play this sport we so love. We feel deeply, the loss of our Vice President, Mr. Carl Seymour, and we move into 2021 with his contributions guiding us towards the realisation of our goals.

Our Strategic Plan includes the expansion of the Committee Positions and Roles, presenting more opportunities for collaboration, and pathways for Elite and Community Development.

Despite challenges experienced, prior to the COVID-19 Restrictions, we successfully held a dynamic Youth Symposium and we hosted Rugby Americas North (RAN) Educators who opened the year with an increase in training which continued through online platforms.

As we face another year with lingering uncertainty, we highlight and commend the individual achievements and tenacity that continue to be demonstrated throughout our community. We congratulate the qualifications attained which strengthen the TTRFU and inspire us to look forward to 2021 with the knowledge that we are prepared to adapt and improve together in rugby.

Here’s to a year of accountability, recovery, camaraderie and implementation.

Happy New Year to All!

Yours sincerely,