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The Trinidad & Tobago Rugby Football Union (TTRFU) joins with the Trinidad & Tobago Police Sports Club and the nation to pay tribute to Lawrence Rondon and Muhammed Isa to say thanks. When the Police Rugby Team was formed almost forty (40) years ago on the October 17, 1978, both men laughed of the idea. They however, helped in the development of the team under the tutelage of Verne Ross and Anthony Francis.

Mr. Rondon was a National Football Player of the highest quality and Mr. Isa was a Football Coach and as easy going as Mr. Rondon. Mr. Isa was a mentor to many a young man including Russell Latapy and Leonson Lewis, both of whom trained at the Police Academy (Police Barracks) and made fools of the Police Senior Team players. They were also members of the Under 17 National Team.

It is was a great pleasure knowing these two (2) servants of National Soccer and may they rest in peace, said Colin Peters, President of the TTRFU.