As an effort to continue putting the safety and wellness of our members at the forefront of what we do, I am pleased to let you know that Rugby Americas North (RAN) has added new resources for safeguarding that will be implemented moving forward for all RAN activities and events.

RAN participated in a pilot programme with ChildFund Rugby and a few other RAN Member Unions that concluded earlier this year. As part of this programme, RAN has put together a number of Safeguarding resources that will focus on the protection of children and vulnerable adults in all RAN activities and events. All this information is now available on the RAN website at

The new resources include:

  • RAN’s Safeguarding Policy – This is RAN’s Safeguarding Policy and outlines reporting procedures and how safeguarding concerns are handled.
  • Safeguarding Definitions and Key Terms – This document outlines various terms used within the safeguarding space and will help with education on the topic.
  • Safeguarding Resources – RAN recognizes that there are many other organizations in the world that are experts in this space. These few organizations have additional resources available to the public.
  • Safeguarding Concern Report – Should anyone have a safeguarding concern for any RAN activity or event, the report can be submitted here and will be followed up by RAN’s Safeguarding contacts*.

(*If you have a safeguarding report within your rugby union, please make your report directly to your rugby union. The RAN Safeguarding report is for incidences within RAN activities and events only.)

We encourage our Unions to input their own safeguarding policies and procedures and will be happy to work with you to create the necessary documents and resources. Please contact Erin Kennedy at [email protected] for more information on safeguarding and how to put it in place within your union.