The Minister of Sport and Community Development welcomes the new Public Health Regulations which will allow for Sport and Community Facilities to operate as safe zones.

The Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe, Minister of Sport and Community Development, reaffirms the Government’s commitment to protecting the health and well-being of its citizens. Minister Cudjoe stated, “we welcome the use of Sport and Community Facilities which provides a hub for training, physical and recreational activities as well as community events. As we return to some form of normalcy, we look forward to an increase in the number of participants in sport, recreational and community activities.”

Sport Facilities will be limited to fifty percent (50%) capacity indoors while outdoors is limited to seventy-five percent capacity. Community facilities will be operating at seventy-five percent (75%) capacity. Sport and Community Facilities will now be able to host events for fully-vaccinated persons. Children under 12 years of age will be able to access these safe zone facilities once accompanied by vaccinated adults.

National Governing Bodies and Sport Serving Bodies are reminded that the Safe Zone Return to Play Application Process is still in effect. For further information visit