Rugby is developing rapidly around the world and the Trinidad & Tobago Rugby Union (TTRU) recognises the new and diversified opportunities for development and financial growth both locally and internationally. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, we have initiated a new mandate to develop both our on-field and off-field product offerings. On the field, we have endeavoured to take a more scientific approach to developing our teams such as utilising Sport Science and Psychology experts in our National Team preparations. Off the field, we have developed new infrastructure, including a new marketing strategy to increase our value and visibility to potential partners. In this light, the TTRU is pleased to announce the first step in its marketing strategy – the revealing of our new logo.

The TTRU’s new logo represents the movement of Trinidad and Tobago Rugby into the future; depicted by the Scarlet Ibis and Rugby Ball in forward motion. The bi-coloured ball represents the inclusion we strive for across our twin nation. The design serves to raise our profile and visibility throughout the nation, region, and globe, as well as improve how we are perceived visually. It signifies commitment to our stakeholders as an organization. The new logo illustrates collaboration – the independent images coming together in forward motion. Sport and business – preparation and competition. The red, white, and black – our past, present and the future we are building together.

While COVID-19 presented many challenges, we have spent the past year developing infrastructure to enable us to lead the way in the transformation of local sport as a business product that can be competitive on a global scale. Changing our logo reflects the changes that we are already implementing as a Union. We are committed to the flexibility and ingenuity, along with adherence to international standards that are required to successfully realise the vision for Rugby in Trinidad and Tobago in the short, medium and long term.

Sport as a product has long changed globally. The TTRU is responsible for ensuring that its stakeholders, including athletes and members, are able to access the diverse opportunities that are available through the international growth of rugby. Not only are we capable of adapting to change, but due to COVID-19, which has leveled the field of play, we are in a better position to pioneer strategies that specifically consider the local environment.

We recognise the immense value that rugby adds and will continue to add to Trinidad and Tobago. Our mission is to better serve our stakeholders – players, clubs, sponsors and partners with honesty and transparency as we use new media strategies to engage a wider audience, making rugby a recognisable household sport throughout the nation.


National Athlete – Shakeel Dyte
National Athlete - Nicolette Pantor